Program 2018

English | Português

So blessed with all the friends who are joining us for the festival and offering an amazing journey through music, meditation and healing events.

Anubuddha and Anasha are joining us from Equador, two teachers in bodywork and healing arts who inspired me so much during the past 40 years!
find out more about them: Anubuddha and Anasha – Arun Academy

Moumina, another old sannyas friend from England, and now based in Portugal, will offer TRE and a meditation from the Book of Secrets.
find out more about her: Moumina

Deva Shamim, well known in Portugal for her amazing work with women and her creative approach combining dance, bioenergetics, meditation and Shamanic teachings to a joyous journey to ourselves.
find out more about her: Deva Shamim

Deva Avani, lived several years in Brazil and is now back in Portugal, where she offers Pulsation groups and Ayurvedic massage, which she will also share at the festival with us.
find out more about her: Deva Avani

Pratibha, from Denmark and living since a few years living in Portugal, is well known to all the festival visitors through her Heart Dance and her participation in the music during the past years. This year she will offer also a “Healing Voice Journey”, leading us joyful into expressing our voices.
find out more about her: Pratibha

The whole festival and the flavour of celebration is guided through the music… the musicians have joined from all corners of the world all these years to play and share their love for music, their love for meditation, their love for Osho!



English | Português

programa em português em breve!

bem vindo…

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