Music & Meditation Festival- 28.June-4.July,2018

In 2018 the festival starts with the Full Moon of June instead of as usual in July, as the BOOM Festival is in July here in Portugal and many are involved or might want to go.

Starting Thursday afternoon 28. June till Wednesday morning 4.July!

We are celebrating the 9. anniversary of this festival here at Pomar da Serra, S.Teotonio, Portugal.

This festival is born out of our love for OSHO, sharing the joy and happiness we experienced in his presence. Forever grateful!

Osho festival 2017

We will have meditations with live music, powerful workshops and concerts in the big dome, played by wonderful musicians, many of them lived and played music in India in the ashram for Osho. Music has been always a pathway into meditation in Osho’s presence, creating a space to go in, to connect with your inner being, and to express in celebration.

The Buddha temple offers smaller workshop in the area of yoga, body work and well being.

The children and teenagers will have their own activities in the kids temple… during the past eight years many of the kids have met every year at the festival and grown up together, this year some of them will be volunteers at the festival.


PORT >> Bem vindos ao 9º Osho Festival de Música e Meditação no Pomar da Serra. Em 2018 de 28 de Junho a 4 de Julho, celebrando a lua cheio no medio da natureza! Um encontro de amigos de Osho de todos idades, vindos de todo o mundo que se juntam para meditar, celebrar, rir, cantar e dançar. As meditações acontecerão no grande Dome, acompanhadas por música ao vivo, com varios músicos que tocavam para Osho em Puna. Concertos, meditações e workshops. As crianças e os teenagers terão a seu próprio templo!

Deixe-te ser tocado com esta energia de amor e alegria!

Vemo-nos em 2018!

Esperamos por ti para celebrarmos juntos!


“I found my world
Where smile is a prayer
Where everybody is sacred
Where dancing is divine
Where love is the only law
Where being natural is the only spirituality”