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. On the festival site we have plenty of great spots for camping in your own tents or in your camper. You can enjoy the simplicity and beauty of being outdoors and surrounded by all the activities.
Camping in your own tent is free of charge.
We have several Sahara Tents for two people, a yurt for 3 people.
If its easier for you to travel without your own tent or if you don’t have one, you can rent individual tents from us.

If you prefer to rent a room in a guesthouse near by, please contact us for more details.
At a distance of about 5 km we have two guesthouses, Monte Covas has two houses next to each other, one with two double rooms and an extra couch bed in the living room. the other with 1 double room and also a couch bed in the living room. The other guest house close by is Monte de Casarão and about 25 km from the festival site Amor de Criança, a beautiful guesthouse from Nayana and Jayant.

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. No festival temos locais excelentes para acampares com a tua tenda ou caravana. Podes desfrutar da simplicidade e da beleza do ar livre, rodeado por todas as actividades. O acampamento na tua tenda ou caravana e sim custos extras.

. Vamos também preparar várias tendas “Saharianas”, como quarto duplo, um “Yurt” para 3 pessoas. Se for mais fácil para ti viajar sem a tua tenda, informa-nos, temos tendas individuales para alugar.

Quartos podemos reservar no Monte Covas, e no Monte de Casarão, esta 5 km  ou no Amor da Crianca) de Nayana e Jayant, esta 25 km até o sítio do Festival.