Living without Fear & Hidden Harmony with Prashantam                   

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Living without Fear
Our life is conditioned by fear and so you are never total and successful in whatever you do. There is a life free from fear where you feel to be the master of your behaviour. It is neither impossible nor difficult… depends on how much you are willing to invest into yourself……. to live a life as a free spirit.
This workshop will guide you so you may encounter, understand and free yourself from your fears of dying, of going crazy, of loosing control and of letting go your addictions…..without hurting yourself.

Hidden Harmony
“…First you have to move in yourself, because you are a miniature world. You move to your center, and from that center you have the first glimpse of how things are.
The real is hidden.
On the periphery are waves, on the periphery are dreams, on the periphery is just a show. Deep inside, in the innermost core of existence, is the hidden one. That Heraclitus calls the hidden harmony.”  Osho “The Hidden Harmony, #10.

In this workshop you will learn how to use your energy, your power, as a way to enter your inner being.
You will learn how to recognize and transform the repressed emotions and learn to come out with your potential:
• your creativity and your sexuality, and
• your capacity to love.
You will get to know the connection between the “ex-plosive” chakras (sex – power – expression) and the “in-plosive” chakras (3rd eye – heart – hara) with a special focus on the 3rd eye.

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English | Português

Living without Fear com Prashantam

A nossa vida é condicionada pelo medo e por isso nunca somos totais e sucedidos no que fazemos. Existe uma vida livre do medo onde sentimos ser os mestres do nosso comportamento. Não é nem impossível, nem difícil….. depende do quanto queremos investir em nós próprios….. para viver uma vida com um espírito livre.
este workshop vai guiar-nos para que possamos encontrar, compreender e libertar-nos dos medos de morrer, ficar maluco, perder o controlo e de desprender das adições….. sem nos magoarmos.

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