Temple of Silence, 24-26.07. OSHO Meditation Camp


Beloved friends,
we want to invite you for for a small gathering of max. 20 People to meditate, connect, dance and enjoy the silence in our place from the 24-26 July. If you feel the calling to dive into your inner being, please join us.

Its very short notice, sorry for that ..Prabodh and Tarika will be here to join Harida in the music, we just don’t want to miss this opportunity.


Friday: arrival anytime during the afternoon
Dinner 19:00
Satsang 20:00
Nataraj 21.30

Vipassana 7:00
Breakfast 8:30
Satsang 10:00
Tribal 11.30
Nadabrahma 16:30
Kundalini 18:00
Dinner 19:30
Evening Meditation 21:00

Vipassana 7:00
Breakfast 8:30
Satsang 10:00
Heart Chakra 11.30
Devavani 15:30
Kundalini 17:00

There will be a ZOOM Satsang created by Milarepa in New York where Harida joined playing the Santoor, we would love to end the camp taking part in this global meditation. We hope you have the time to stay for this.

The contribution for this weekend is 120€ including the meals and accommodation in shared rooms.

Looking forward to hear from you soon and hopefully be together these days.

With love Nartan and Harida

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